SUICIDE VIDEO: Man shoots himself with a shotgun in the head on Live

Shotgun suicide aka real Youtube video 1444 explained — Man shoots himself with a shotgun in the head/face on Live.

Video 1444 is a shotgun suicide by 18-year-old Russian student Gleb Korablev.

On October 17 2019, during a live stream on Russian social media VK, Korablev took a Saiga- 12 shotgun and committed suicide by offing himself in the face.

Before shooting himself in the head, he tells an individual not to notify his parents about his death right away. He then references a Russian suicide meme.

He then blows his head into pieces with the shotgun. His motives remain unknown.

Based on the length of the footage, police arrived two hours and a half later after he shot himself in the face with the shotgun.

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