GRAPHIC: La Familia Michoacana Cartel execute hitmen from Jalisco New Generation Cartel

Two Jalisco New Generation Cartel hitmen were executed by La Familia Michoacana in Sultepec, Mexico.

Translated from Spanish via Google Translate:

“In this video you can observe a handcuffed man interviewed by a member of La Familia Michoacana who asks him several questions.

Among the confessions of the hitman, he says the men who were killed in the municipality of Sultepec were innocent and that they only grabbed them and made them speak in favor of Jalisco New Generation Cartel while making them speak ill of La Familia Michoacana.

He also mentions that “Chito Cano” promised him a salary of $5000 but only received $3000 and hence, he distributed two more victims.

In the video, the man advises all those wanting to join Jalisco New Generation Cartel not to believe what they tell them as La Familia Michoacana is a very strong organization and that they won’t be able to beat them as they are well organized and have lots of members.”