Georgia man left with broken leg after brutal police beating with baton

CHEROKEE COUNTY, Georgia – A police body-camera video obtained and released by CBS46 Bulldog shows the moment when Calvin Taylor was brought to the ground, tasered and then struck with an officer’s baton multiple times until one of his legs broke.

The Woodstock Police Sergeant who repeatedly beat 38-year-old Taylor with the baton resigned a day before an internal investigation was finished.

It was April of last year when Taylor was reportedly passed out, possibly impaired, near a pool table at a Woodstock bowling alley.

Sergeant Randy Milligan was working off duty at the facility and claimed in police reports that Taylor became loud and uncooperative when he attempted to escort him outside. As heard in the video, the Sergeant claims he had to use his taser, to no effect, and despite backup arriving he had to use his baton in order to subdue Taylor.

“My leg was broken in pieces,” said Taylor in a press interview.

“I’m still in pain everyday. I just want justice,” he added.

His attorney, while not excusing Taylor’s role in the incident, says the beating was “excessive.”

“We are not suggesting that law enforcement didn’t have some responsibility to remove him from the property or even arrest him, but not like that,” said lawyer Mawuli Mel Davis.

The Cherokee County District Attorney opened an investigation into the incident. According to Taylor’s attorney, this case is going before a grand jury early next week.