Fullerton Police release bodycam footage of shooting that left knife-wielding man dead

Police released bodycam footage of a May 3 shooting that left a knife-wielding man dead in Fullerton.

Fullerton Police said in a community briefing that an officer stopped on the 2200 block of Commonwealth Avenue after he saw two men struggling near a truck at around 9:30pm.

One of the men was carrying a stick and another was carrying a knife, police said.

The officer yelled at the men to drop what they were carrying, and the man with the stick dropped it. The man with the knife, identified as 26-year-old Jesus Estrada Leon, was sitting in the truck and did not drop his knife.

Bodycam footage shows the officer yelling at Leon to get out of the truck and to put the knife down. The man who had dropped the stick got down onto his knees after other officers pulled up to the scene.

Footage shows Leon get out of the truck and waving the knife around. The man who previously had the stick stands up and runs away from Leon and towards officers.

Leon walks toward the middle of the road and towards the man and officers.

One officer shoot Leon with a bean bag gun, followed by at least one other officer shooting Leon, footage shows.

Authorities said in a statement that Leon was shot with a bean bag gun twice. It wasn’t immediately clear how many times he was shot with live rounds, but bodycam footage shows one officer reloading after shooting Leon.

Police said CPR was given to Leon after he was shot, and he was also given a tourniquet.

Leon died of his injuries after he was transported to a local hospital.