Four dead in jewelry store robbery in Lopburi, Thailand

THAILAND – Four people are now dead and another four injured after a lone gunman entered a jewelry store, shooting customers and then robbing the establishment. The armed robbery took place at a gold shop in the main city district of Lopburi province

According to reports, the gunman appeared to be acting alone.

“He was a male, wore camouflaged pants, a black long-sleeve shirt, and a black ski mask. He fired from an unidentified gun at security guards and bystanders before grabbing the gold and fleeing on a motorcycle identified as a red-and-white Yamaha Fino” police said.

A man, a customer and a woman were shot and died at the scene. A little boy who was also shot in the head during the heist was rushed to a nearby hospital, but later died of his injuries. Two men and another two women were also shot and are being treated at the same hospital.

The suspect remains at large.