Florissant Police officer in unmarked vehicle runs man down and beats him to stop him from getting away

MISSOURI – A Florissant Police officer is suspended after a Ring doorbell camera shows him running down a man in an unmarked vehicle to stop him from getting away.

The incident happened in the 9800 block of Eastdell Drive in the City of Florissant.

The man was detained after he was thought to be the driver of a vehicle involved with a shots-fired incident outside the nearby Ferguson Police Department on June 2.

The Ring doorbell camera footage captures the moment the man is run over by the detective’s unmarked SUV, and later beating him on the ground.

The man is heard screaming in pain for help and complying with the officer who is seen making the arrest.

Florissant police has confirmed the detective driving the unmarked SUV has been suspended pending investigation. Unfortunately there is no body cam footage because the officer was not wearing one at the time.

It later emerged that the man was not the suspect they were looking for, but he now faces charges for drug possession and resisting arrest. 

Sources say the man went to the hospital due to multiple injuries.