Florida cops beat Biden supporter arrested for “taunting Trump voters”

PALM HARBOR, Florida — A Clearwater man was beaten by police and arrested near Tampa at a political rally in Palm Harbor. Video shows deputies punching the Joe Biden supporter in the head and elbowing him in the back multiple times as he’s being held to the ground.

According to deputies, Scott Rexroat showed up at the rally at Nebraska Avenue and US-19 wearing a rebel flag, a Trump mask, and carrying a sign with Swastikas.

He was allegedly taking photos with Trump supporters while calling them Nazis.

Deputies say the altercations almost caused several fights as Trump supporters were pushing Rexroat out of their faces.

As a Pinellas deputy tried to pull Rexroat away from the supporters, the deputy said Rexroat struck him in the arm and shoulder.

But Rexroat tells a different story.

“I thought it was a Trump supporter doing that and I just went like that,” Rexroat said as he walked out of the county jail.  “There were no swastikas like it says in the police report. I can read it here. It sounds like a bunch of fabricated lies to me. That I was instigating a riot. You know?”

Rexroat says it was only after he was on the ground did the deputy identify himself as a law enforcement officer.  He says if he had known it was a deputy he would not have tried defending himself.

Whitney W, who didn’t want to use her last name, tells a similar story.

“The police went from behind him and grabbed his arm. And he didn’t know who was after him. And he was saying I didn’t do anything and the cops proceeded to beat the, stomp the living out of him,” she said. “It was horrible. It was absolutely horrible.”

Whitney said the Sheriff’s Office’s account isn’t accurate.

“There was no Nazi, there was no swastika,” she said. “There was nothing. The policeman came out of the blue.”

Brett Jennings, a Trump supporter, said Rexroat was out the day before in the same outfit holding signs with swastikas.

Jennings said Rexroat has been baiting and harassing Trump supporters for days and provided a video as evidence:

Rexroat was released from Pinellas County Jail Monday on $2,750 bond.