Faulkner County Sheriff’s investigator fatally shoots kid’s dog after going to wrong house

FAULKNER COUNTY, Arkansas An investigation is underway after a Faulkner County Sheriff investigator is accused of shooting a dog.

Captain Erin Stone said an investigator went out to 72 Autumn Hills to do a sex offenders compliance check. The person at that address told the investigator that the sex offender possibly lived at the next address which was 76 Autumn Hills.

She said the investigator then went to that address to investigate the whereabouts of the sex offender.

In a video of the incident, you can hear a man asking the FCSO investigator what his name is and who he is looking for. After the investigator responds with who is looking for, the man filming becomes angry and accuses the investigator of shooting and killing his dog.

Video shows a non-responsive dog lying on the ground and a woman holding the dog.

The man continues to yell at the investigator, telling him to “get off of his property” and claims that he “killed his dog”

Captain Stone said the shooting is under internal review at this time.