Drug trafficker suspected of slaughter that left 4 drivers dead gets executed by rivals in Brazil

A man labeled as the mastermind behind a slaughter that left four Uber like app drivers dead, has been executed by rival faction members.

Footage shows Jerfeson Palmeira Soares Santos, also known as “Jel”, get executed by rivals this past Saturday in Jardim Santo Inácio. His murder comes a few hours after four bodies were found by military police in plastic bags.

Jerfeson Palmeira Soares Santos

Jerfeson, described as one of the leaders of drug trafficking in the municipality known as “Peace and Life” in Jardim Santo Inácio, had already been arrested in 2017 on suspicion of torturing a teenager and recording the incident. Now the Multiple Homicide Station wants to know if he was responsible for the carnage that took the lives of four Uber like app drivers.

The victims have been identified as lisson Silva Nascimento Santos, 27; Savio da Silva, 23; Daniel Santos Silva, 31; and Genivaldo da Silva Filho. A fifth victim, Nivaldo Santos Vieira, managed to escape the criminals and alert police officials. 


In audio broadcasts published on social medias, he detailed the moments of terror he experienced by his perpetrators.

“They said they would kill with cruelty, that they would shed blood. They cut the whole guy with a machete and then shot. It was ugly. Very ugly,” he recalled. 

“I really wanted to live to tell this story. I have a lot of faith in God. I went to IML [Legal Medical Institute] and found the families of the guys … it’s too painful, I don’t know what to say, no …”, Nivaldo added.

The men are suspected to have been lured by two transvestites, who requested services through a transportation service app. The drivers were reportedly then taken to a shack, where they were all tortured, executed and placed in plastic bags.


A motive for the crime has yet to be determined. Wether Jerferson was murdered for previous rivalry or as a punishment for the slaughter remains unknown at the time of this report.