DISTRESSING VIDEO: Two mothers hang their children before committing suicide in India

Two mothers hung their children before hanging themselves as well in a wave of suicide that has struck India.

In the first part of the video, a man can be heard crying his children after finding them dead after a long day of work. Happened in the town of Morbi.

For the second part, no info has been released so far besides that it happened in the town of Andheri.

No motives for the suicides have been determined yet, although unofficial reports claim it was over lack of money.

Info on first part of the video;

Translated from Hindi via Google Translate:

“Amid a lockdown of the coronavirus, a scandal broke out in Morbi today, in which a mother committed suicide after killing her two daughters.

Tulsi, the wife of 25-year-old Tikaram BC, who had been renting a house in Shreeji Park area on Vavdi Road in Morbi for 11 months and working as a gym trainer, strangled her two daughters Sirvi and Pooja to death.

Karen also committed suicide.

The woman’s husband was exercising on Agassi at the time of the incident. Returning after the exercise, he became speechless after seeing his wife and children dead.

Upon learning of the incident, DY SP, Morbi A-Division Police P.I. R.J. Chaudhary was rushed and the body was shifted to Civil Hospital for PM.

The reason why the mother committed suicide by killing her daughters is intact.”