Deadly police shooting in Brooklyn

BOERUM HILL – Brooklyn – The NYPD has released bodycam footage of a deadly police shooting that happened last year in Brooklyn.

It happened shortly before 8pm on Baltic Street in front of the Gowanus Houses in Boerum Hill on October 15.

Police say two anti-crime officers in plainclothes were patrolling the housing complex in unmarked police cars when they spotted a man firing a gun in direction of another man.

They identified themselves as police officers and told the man to drop his weapon, authorities said, but he did not comply.

The officers fired more than 30 rounds at the man, who was struck several times. Police say the man also fired shots at the officers.

The suspect, later identified as Nasheem Prioleau, was rushed in critical condition to an area hospital, where he later died. A handgun was recovered at the scene.

The officers were not injured, but they were taken to area hospitals to be evaluated.

Police said Prioleau was released from prison just a week earlier after serving five years for robbery.

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