Deadly police confrontation in the Bronx caught on camera

NEW YORK – Tense moments leading up to a deadly police confrontation in the Bronx were caught on camera.

The NYPD on Friday released body camera footage from what started as a traffic stop in October. Things escalated when police say the suspect tried driving away.

Three officers’ body cameras captured the confrontation during the traffic stop on Bainbridge Avenue.

The officers say they didn’t think the driver was wearing a seat belt. They ran his license to find three open warrants.

“He popped, so I’m just gonna talk to him real quick,” one officer can be heard saying.

Police say suspect Alan Feliz got out of the SUV, but then got back in and tried to drive off.

The sergeant on the passenger side used his taser, but police say as the 31-year-old attempted to run over an officer, the sergeant had no choice but to fire.

Police say they called EMS and did CPR on the suspect but he died at the hospital.

At the time, it was the third police-involved shooting in the city that week.

The New York State Attorney General’s office is still investigating the case.

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