CRAZY: Truck driver live streams his crash on icy Wyoming road

A truck driver live streamed his crash during poor weather conditions and icy roads while traveling down Interstate 80 in Wyoming on January 31st, 2020.

As the driver travels down the slow lane, video shows other trucks passing him. A few moments later, the truck in the fast lane begins to slow down, possibly noting the worsening road conditions as visibility was decreasing. The driver in the video noticed slowed traffic and realized he was unable to slow the truck. He called out for his co-driver who was apparently sleeping in the back.

As he realizes he is going to make impact with a flatbed directly ahead of him, he gives one final warning to his co-driver yelling “Josh…….Hold on.”

In total, 19 commercial vehicles were involved in the accident, most of them appearing to be 18-wheeler semi-trailer trucks.

Both drivers seem to make it out of the accident, the two can be heard communicating together after the crash.