Civilians killed by police during protests following arrest of presidential candidate Bobi Wine in Uganda

Multiple civilians have reportedly been killed by police in Uganda. Protests have erupted in the country’s capital, Kampala, after police arrested presidential candidate Bobi Wine in the east of the country.

The musician-turned-politician, said on Twitter on Wednesday police violently broke into his vehicle in the town of Luuka and took him into custody.

Officials accused him of violating coronavirus restrictions while out campaigning for next year’s presidential election.

After news of the arrest reached the capital, Bobi Wine’s supporters blocked roads and burned tires.

The popular musician, who was reportedly campaigning in the eastern provinces when he was arrested, wants to oust long-serving Museveni – in power for 34 years – in the January 14 election.

Since expressing his intention to run in the election, Bobi Wine – whose real name is Robert Kyagulanyi – has been arrested multiple times.

He has faced escalating police harassment since announcing his intention to challenge Museveni, who seized power as the head of a rebel army in 1986.

His catchy songs about social justice, poverty and corruption have shaken the governing party and its ageing patriarch Museveni, who at 76 is the only president most Ugandans have known.