Car slams into pedestrian in brutal hit-and-run in Bakersfield

BAKERSFIELD, California — A runaway car slammed into a pedestrian in a brutal hit-and-run in East Bakersfield on October 7th.

Video of the incident shows a blue BMW slam into 42-year-old Elizabeth Sanchez Gomez as gets to the edge of a sidewalk.

It happened in front of La Villa Meat Market on East California Avenue.

The collision knocked her off her feet, sending her flying into the air.

The driver and two passengers got out of the car and looked at Gomez on the sidewalk.

They then went back to the car, grabbed their belongings, and walked away.

An eye witness said a man off-camera was threatening people with a gun on the side of the building.

Gomez survived the collision with bruises all over her lower body and a broken leg. She will have to use crutches for the next five months.

Bakersfield police said they are investigating, but a month after the accident, they still haven’t identified the people in the BMW.