Car drives through crowd of BLM protesters in LA

LOS ANGELES — A car drove through a crowd of BLM protesters and was chased down and attacked by people in another vehicle. The driver was able to escape but was detained by police.

The incident happened in Hollywood at around 9:30pm Thursday night.

A crowd of several hundred people had gathered at Cahuenga and Hollywood boulevards to protest the Breonna Taylor case.

Most cars stopped for the crowd, but a white Prius tried to weave through the protesters to get by the intersection.

Several of the protesters appeared to surround the car and pound on it as it drove by. Several also chased after the vehicle on foot.

A black pickup truck filled with several people chased after the Prius and stopped in front of it, as a green Mustang pulled up behind it.

People in the truck and the Mustang got out and started attacking the vehicle and apparently attempting to get the driver out.

The driver of the Prius managed to speed away from the scene and ran at least one red light in his attempt to get away.

Eventually police pulled over the vehicle on Santa Monica Boulevard and detained the driver.