CANADA: Man body slams pitbull on busy sidewalk in Vancouver

CANADA — Video shows an unidentified man body slam his pitbull onto a busy sidewalk in Vancouver.

A witness said the man also attempted to kick the dog on its head and shouted it was his property and he could do with the animal as he pleased.

Onlookers called 911 and police arrested the man, and released him without being charged.

Another witness said the dog was shaking and wobbling when it walked after being slammed onto the concrete. It was taken to the Vancouver Animal Emergency Referral Centre. 

She noted the gray pit bull was nervously licking its lips and had its tail tucked between its legs.

Prior to being hurled onto the sidewalk, the dog had lunged at a bicyclist, one passerby said. That person said it appeared the owner was encouraging the animal to be aggressive.

An investigation is pending.