California lottery ticket thief runs off with plastic display cases in San Dimas

CALIFORNIA — A man stole lottery tickets and wrenched out the displays containing them at two San Dimas stores, police said.

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s officials say the lottery ticket thefts happened at two separate San Dimas locations, just hours apart, on Jan. 22.

The first incident happened before 10:30 a.m., when a man in a gray hoodie and black baseball cap walked into a San Dimas store in the 1400 block of West Arrow Highway, went directly to the lottery display and wrenched it out of its place and ran out with it.

A few hours later, at about 6:20 p.m., authorities say the same man – still wearing the same clothes – walked into a doughnut shop and did the same thing – grabbed the lottery ticket display, wrenched it out of the place it had been attached to a counter, and ran out with it.

The total number of lottery tickets stolen was not known, and the value of the tickets and the damage to the stores have yet to be determined.