Businessman shot dead in front of his kids in Colombia

A businessman was shot dead in front of his kids in Colombia. Reports say he withdrew a large sum of money, and was followed home by gunmen on a bike.

When confronted to open the door while in his driveway, he refused, they shot him, he died.

His kids were in the car at the time of the shooting.

Translated from Spanish via Google Translate:

“S J M Mancilla, 38, whose life died in a matter of seconds and without knowing it, on Monday afternoon he ended up saying goodbye to his family in a tragic and painful way.

The businessman was shot dead in his home, where he had arrived in his car after withdrawing a large sum of money from a bank without requesting the accompaniment of the authorities.

Apparently, motorized criminals intercepted him, threatening him and for not opening the door of the vehicle, they shot him.

Badly injured, his relatives took him to a health center where despite medical efforts, he died.

Mancilla owned a gym and also a money transfer agency.

The municipality authorities are evaluating offering a reward for information on the criminals who committed the murder.”