Businessman and female shot dead in Paraguay backyard shooting

Security cameras caught the attack that killed Paraguayan businessman and trader Celso Maldonado Duarte, 46, and a 25-year-old Jessica Nunes Arévalo, which took place on January 28, in Capitán Bado.

Three other people were injured, including a soccer player.

The images show several people in the backyard of the businessman’s house, which had its gate open at the time of the events.

The suspects barge in armed with assault rifles and immediately open fire, hitting Celso Maldonado 35 times and killing him at the scene.

Jessica was rescued in serious condition and but died from her injuries the next morning.

Three other people were also seriously injured by gunfire during the attack. The  for the , Fábio Chacho Alcaráz, a soccer player from the Club Capitán Bado, was hit five times, with a bullet hitting him in the knee, probably ending his soccer career.

Children were at the scene at the time of the shooting.

An investigation is ongoing and Paraguayan police suspect the double homicide to be linked to drug trafficking.

The suspects remain at large.