BRAZIL: Two 18-year-olds beaten by police during traffic stop in Pelotas

BRAZIL – Two 18-year-old men were beaten by police during a traffic stop in Pelotas Friday afternoon.

In a video circulating on social networks, a patrol car is seen pulling over two teenagers on a motorcycle. Two officers can then be seen exiting the patrol car weapons drawn. They immediately start punching and kicking the young subjects.

Both men can be seen complying to police orders, who verify their documents and release them. Their documents were up to date, no guns or drugs were found, and both youngsters had no criminal records.

According to one of the victims, he had just picked up his friend from home to study when he heard a siren and stopped.

“They were following me from Baroness Street. They hit the bike and I stopped. I pulled over, then all that [appears] in the video happened. When I took off my helmet, I was shouting at them, I’m a worker, I’m not a bum. I screamed because I knew they were going to hit me, the way they got out of the car, gun in hand. They didn’t give a damn. They looked at everything, everything was ok, I don’t have a record or anything, so they decided to release us. They also told me that if I complained, they would catch me,” said the young man.

Both officers have since been removed from duty. An investigation is ongoing.