BRAZIL: Couple break into home and kidnap man — Execute him moments later

A couple, aged 24 and 16, broke into a home, kidnapped a man and shot him dead moments later in Brazil.

The man was arrested and his underage girlfriend were apprehended.

According to the police report, Diego de Souza was at home with his wife when the suspect came in armed and started assaulting him.

He was taken to the trunk of a vehicle parked near the residence, where the underage girl awaited.

After driving for a few kilometers, the suspect stopped the car on a dark street.

Video shows the teenage girl use a cellphone flashlight to help the man remove the victim from the trunk, and throw him to the ground. 

The suspect fires three shots and passed the gun to his girlfriend, who fires another 3 more shots.

Within seconds, the pair return to the vehicle and run over Diego twice.

An investigation is ongoing although sources say Diego owed money in the streets.