BRAZIL: Comando Vermelho gang member shot dead by Primeiro Comando da Capital rivals in Cascavel

BRAZIL – A Comando Vermelho gang member was shot dead by Primeiro Comando da Capital rivals in Cascavel.

Luiz Maykool Dani Feitosa, 27, a member of criminal gang Comando Vermelho was shot eight times in the face by members of Primeiro Comando da Capital (PCC) in the region of Rio da Paz, located in the city of Cascavel.

In the video, the victim, whose hands are tied, says that he is in Paraná and that criminals from the CV ‘do not create themselves’.

Translated from Portuguese via Google Translate:

“‘My name is Luiz Maykool Dani Feitosa, aka Chapado, baptized in Comando Vermelho on May 28, 2018, godfather Prophet, reference Bear, city of baptism Campo Verde, broken Tangará da Serra. I came to Cascavel where the CV is not created, the PCC is in charge’, said the man in a video recorded before the execution.

The killer points a gun to Luiz’s head. The victim asks the criminal to lower the weapon, but the murderer shoots the man at least eight times. ‘Here are all three. CV will die here in Paraná car …’, said the executor after the crime.

According to the local press, two of the killers were arrested by the Paraná Municipal Guard on Thursday afternoon. The names of the suspects were not released by the Civil Police.

The killers were taken to the Homicide Police to investigate the death.”