BODYCAM: Saint Paul police officer fired for shooting unarmed naked man hiding in dumpster in Minnesota

MINNESOTA — Saint Paul Police Chief Todd Axtell has fired an officer who shot and wounded an unarmed naked man following a domestic dispute Saturday night.

Naked and carrying a steak knife, Joseph Javonte Washington, 31, fled the scene and reportedly broke into a Saint Paul home.

Emergency dispatch audio indicated that he stole some orange juice.

Washington was wanted in connection with a kidnapping, sexual assault and aggravated assault earlier that evening and has since been charged in Dakota County Court with multiple felonies.

Sometime later, police tracked him to an alley by Bradshaw Funeral Home, where he was hiding inside a dumpster.

“Joseph, come on out. Climb out of the dumpster,” a female officer is heard saying in the bodycam video. “There you go.”

When he emerges, he appears to run and officers deploy Tasers and a K-9 to stop him — meanwhile Officer Anthony Dean fired three shots, paused, then fired one more after the dog bit Washington.

Police called for paramedics and applied two tourniquets in an attempt to stop his bleeding, reports said.

Washington remains in stable condition at Regions Hospital. He suffered three gunshot wounds to the leg and one to the abdomen, along with a dog bite, according to reports.

None of the responding officers were injured, and all those involved were placed on standard administrative leave.

A spokeswoman for the federation declined further comment after the bodycam footage was released.

Chief Todd Axtell said the action was ‘neither reasonable nor necessary’.

Axtell said it demanded he take ‘swift, decisive and serious action’.