BODYCAM: Man Critically Wounded After Getting Shot By Police In Downtown San Diego

SAN DIEGO —  Within 24 hours of a police shooting that critically wounded a man in downtown San Diego, police on Sunday released surveillance and bodycam footage of the shooting as protesters who took to the streets and local elected leaders demanded transparency.

The San Diego Police Department has identified 25-year-old city resident Leonardo Hurtado Ibarra as the man shot by officers downtown on Saturday. As of Sunday afternoon, Ibarra was in the intensive care unit of a local hospital with life threatening injuries, according to a SDPD news release.

Two uniformed officers noticed Ibarra exiting a building and recognized him from a recent wanted flier on a robbery because of distinctive tattoos on his face, the news release said. When they attempted to contact Ibarra, he drew a firearm and pointed it at one of the officers, prompting them to fire their weapons, the news release said.

Ibarra was hit with at least one bullet and fell to the ground, the news release said. The officers handcuffed him and immediately began administering first aid, the news release said. He was taken to a local hospital where he underwent surgery.

Based on witness interviews and surveillance footage, when the officers attempted to contact Ibarra, he refused to cooperate with their directions and walked away, the release said. As he was walking, Ibarra dropped the items he was carrying in his hands and began reaching towards his waistband, the news release said.

As the officers were following Ibarra, they split up with one officer in the street and one on the sidewalk. He suddenly pulled an item from his waistband and turned towards the officer in the street and pointed the object directly at that officer, the news release said. Both officers fired their weapons.

Shortly after the shooting, more than a hundred protesters gathered at the corner of A Street and Sixth Avenue, many of them calling for accountability and transparency about the shooting. Dozens of protesters returned to the scene on Sunday.