Body-cam shows Utah cop save victim from car accident in Salt Lake City

UTAH – Two men and a woman are in critical condition after a car accident involving a Tesla and a sedan that happened just before 7:30am near the intersection of North Temple and 900 West. in Salt Lake City.

Police believe a Tesla traveling at a high rate of speed ran through a red light before hitting another sedan.

Two people in the Tesla and a person in the sedan were all taken to the hospital.

“They were pulled from the wreckage. One or two of them may have been ejected,” said Salt Lake City police Lt. Brett Olsen.

Several bystanders tried to help the victims.

The force of the crash caused some parts of the Tesla to become projectiles, damaging things in their path.

“Debris actually scattered up to a block away. It was a pretty significant impact,” Olsen said.

A hazmat team was called after batteries in the Tesla exploded.

No bystanders were injured in the crash.

Investigators are working to determine the Tesla’s exact speed.

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