ALBUQUERQUE: Man shot dead by police after pointing BB gun at people

ALBUQUERQUE, New Mexico – A man was shot dead by police after pointing a BB gun at people. Police say the suspect, Orlando Abeyta, was pointing a BB gun at people at a bus stop near Central and San Pedro.

Detectives say the suspect pointed the gun at them, and refused to drop it before they opened fire.

The two detectives fired 10 shots, and hit Abeyta four times.

After the shooting, police realized Abeyta was using a BB gun that looked similar to a semi-automatic firearm.

Officials said Abeyta died at the scene.

Police said Abeyta was actually wanted by police earlier in the day after he was caught on camera pointing a gun at people on a bus.

Officers said they looked for him but lost him after he went into an apartment complex.

The shooting is still under investigation.

The results of the investigation will be sent to the district attorney’s office to determine whether the shooting was justified.