8 people dead — 22 injured in brutal multi-vehicle crash in Brazil

BRAZIL — Eight people are dead and more than 22 were injured in a brutal accident between 16 cars, six motorcycles and a truck on Sunday night, in São José dos Pinhais.

Witnesses reported low visibility at the crash site because of the fog and smoke caused by a fire in the area.

The 8 victims who passed away in the tragedy:

Emanueli de Fátima dos Santos Ferreira, 23
Jurema Elvira Ferreira dos Santos
Guilherme Henrique Ribas, 28
24-year-old Army Corporal Lucas Moreira
Ester Nunes de Oliveira — According to the family, Ester was with her husband, Fernando Jaroz Mendes, and her sister Jessica Oliveira. The three died at the crash site. Esther and Jessica’s father was also at the scene, but was not injured. Esther and Fernando had a four-month-old daughter, who was not with them at the time of the accident.
Fernando Jaroz Mendes
Jessica Oliveira

Another victim identified as Jéssica de Souza also died in the crash.