5 teenage girls kidnapped by Bonde do Maluco traffickers in Brazil, one dead for dating a police officer

A 16-year-old girl is dead after she was kidnapped with four of her friends by Bonde do Maluco traffickers in Pernambués, Brazil.

Translated from Portuguese via Google Translate:

“A 16-year-old teenager and four friends were kidnapped by traffickers from Bonde do Maluco (BDM) and one of them ended up being murdered in a cowardly way, on Monday morning (04/27). The crime took place in Pernambués, but there is no information on the exact location.

The young woman with initials LA de L., a former resident of Garcia, arrived at the Emergency Unit in the neighborhood at around 3 am, but she could not resist her injuries. The younger sister was also referred to the medical unit and is in a coma.

The other four girls were released after being beaten.

According to sources, the girl had an affair with a Rondesp police officer. That would have been the reason, according to the sources, for the murder, as the outcasts would have suspected that the fatal victim and her friends were “passing on information”. Also according to the sources, the girls live in Pernambués, Saramandaia and Garcia.

In video released by the bandits themselves on social media, three young people are questioned and threatened. Then, already in a wooden shack where there are five girls, torture, beatings with sticks and firearms. The girls appear bloody and ask for mercy.

Child friends mourned the death on Facebook.

The case is investigated by the Department of Homicide and Personal Protection.”