What happened to Hoodsite.com

A lot of you might be wondering what happened to hoodsite.com.

I usually keep things to myself. One thing I’ve learned over the past few months it’s sometimes better to shut the f up and work in silence. But this needs to be said as this needs to be heard, understood and prevented if possible.

Back in December, when looking at my logs and being the target of numerous DDOS attacks, something wasn’t right.

After months have past by, and things have gone by, it’s all clear now.

Hoodsite was never the target of attacks because of the content. It was a heist to steal my intellectual property.

You see Hoodsite is my trademark, and I built a massive website, the keyword “hoodsite” (when someone searches for hoodsite on google or bing or yahoo or wtv) generated hundreds of thousands of clicks a week to my website hoodsite.com

I’ve been targeted for months now, wether on social media, or through emails, spamdexing, keyword stuffing and more.

To help shed more light on what ive been going through, this explains my situation: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spamdexing

And here if you scroll down to “Abuse and Examples of Things to Avoid”: https://www.bing.com/webmasters/help/webmasters-guidelines-30fba23a

By them spamming me with backlinks and empty anchor texts, they kicked me off search engines, like this when someone searches for hoodsite, they end up on the infringing fake website, where they have ads and profit off my brand and trademark.

When you search hoodsite nowadays there is another website using my trademark, my logo as its site icon, using my domain name hoodsite.com in its site meta description.

As a tactic to get links back to the fake hoodsite website, the website is using links from my Youtube account. Since Youtube is a high value domain, backlinks are excellent.

An example of url manipulation can also be found here in the video below:

I will not put the direct link as I will not give that prick a backlink from my website.

If you hover over the sections at the top of that subreddit, “hoodsite” “hood site” “hoodsite.com’ and “hoodsite…”, they all lead back to the infringing website.

And once again, since reddit is in the top 19th most visited website in the world, backlinks from reddit are crucial.

This article was copied from my website hoodsite.com before i deleted everything to start from scratch.

If you look at the article, its been modified to fit the infringing website’s url and narrative.

If you hover on the hyperlinks, the person behind that subreddit is using my social media profiles, but once you hover on top of “hoodsite” and “hoodsite.com” it points back to the infringing website.

You guys think you’re clicking on hoodsite.com but in reality it redirects you to the infringing website.

If you look at the moderator behind that subreddit, you can also see he is the moderator of a subreddit called bestoffshorehosting, which advertises “dmca ignored hosting”. Starting to make sense now?

I’m pretty sure its a fake account and I’ll explain why in the next post. That’s right, I will spill the beans on everything I’ve been going through.

A quick google search of hoodsite, if you scroll through pages in search results, can clearly show how I was and am continuously targeted by hackers, spammers, botnets, trying to demote my links and steal my intellectual property.

Now you have to understand the individual behind this attack is very intelligent and knows how to manipulate search engines.

An example, I had to remove search, because that individual came on my site to generate links.

How? Search results are dynamic, anyone can come on my website and search for something, thats a query.

Let’s say you searched for dog on my site, then the url would be https://hoodsite.com/?s=dog

Well that individual would create thousands of searches to generate urls from my website, and then use all these techniques mentioned above to demote my actual links, to send bot traffic to those links afterwards.


Take a look at my backlink profile, from one month to another, my website gained over 75000 backlinks:



All these shitty ass websites. As a result, I was penalized from search engines.

If thats not enough, the individual keeps attacking me on my social media profiles.

Every day I receive thousands of fake bot accounts requesting to follow me:

Since I have big social media profiles, those are strong backlinks back to my website. therefore, the individual is dedicated to try and knock off my profiles from social media platforms, for me to lose those backlinks.

Look at all these bullshit accounts, no followers, bs ass pics, all fairly recently created, barely following anyone or barely any pics on their profile.

Instagram bots are known to aid with automated tasks such as liking, commenting, following. They’re also used to mass report content and trigger algorithms to get content removed.

And once you accumulate a certain number of violations, your account gets removed.

Instagram and Facebook have been of no help so far whatsoever.

Till this day the individual keeps reporting my content to get it removed. I havent posted in months on Instagram but somehow, 1-year-old content is getting flagged and removed all of a sudden.

Same for Youtube, the individual keeps reporting my account with zillions of fake accounts, in return, my videos are age restricted and as you can see in the screenshot below, when a video is age restricted:

It will not be visible to users who are logged out, are under 18 years of age, or have Restricted Mode enabled. It also won’t be eligible for ads.

This content was posted over a year ago, never had any issues. But lord knows how many times this lame f#$% keeps reporting my content to trigger algorithms.

Clearly what he wants, to demote my links, hide my real whereabouts from the public and from search engines. If i disappear from search results, who capitalizes off my brand?

All these websites, all these tactics and this mf can’t build something for himself, he gotta steal it. Lame ass b#%@h.

To be continued in a future post shortly. Stay tuned, I will be spitting names as well. Let the whole world know.