What happened to Hoodsite.com

Decided to bring the site back to life to set the record straight and to warn you all about potential malware.

Don’t believe the lies being spred on Reddit nor on Youtube or any other platform for that matter. 

If I didn’t post it on instagram @hoodsite or on my youtube channel youtube.com/c/hoodsite or here on this website hoodsite.com, then it’s a lie.

No other website claiming to be Hoodsite is associated nor affiliated with my brand Hoodsite — and I strongly suggest you do not click on any other link as it may be a virus or malware.

No other Instagram account besides @hoodsite and @hoodsitetv are mine and anyone pretending to be Hoodsite or to be affiliated with Hoodsite and hoodsite.com should not be trusted.

No Facebook page, no Twitter, no Snapchat, TikTok or wtv other bullshit.

Since a lot of you are curious, I decided to cease Hoodsite. A few months back, I mentioned to you guys how gore websites were harder to monetize due to the nature of the graphic content.

Having exhausted a lot of my resources, it was not worth it for me to keep the site running any longer. A high traffic website costs money, bandwidth, web servers…

It also turned out that I was the target of a hacker/hackers. Since mid 2020, these people were infiltrating my business with bots, spam accounts on my social media, in my website comments… then mass reporting my content in hopes of getting it removed and getting me shutdown.

In September 2020, my accounts were compromised.

My instagram account @hoodsite was hacked. The culprits intentionally did some shit that violated community guidelines, maybe spam or phishing campaigns, trying to steal credentials through my profiles.

As a result, my account was disabled, my Facebook page was deleted and my website was blocked on Facebook and Instagram.

The hackers and spammers behind these targeted attacks are low life scumbags, willing to do anything to sink my business.

My comment section on my website was filled with spam and expletive text in hopes of hurting my SEO (search engine optimization) and website ranking.

In November and December 2020, the site was the target of numerous DDOS attacks, none successful, as you can see the site was operational and up and running until I decided to cease operations.

The website was also the target of a negative seo campaign and blackhat seo techniques.

A quick “hoodsite” search on Google and you can see the many sketchy websites somehow all mentioning hoodsite — trying to hurt my rankings and eat off my traffic.

Out of nowhere in December, my website jumped from 300 some backlinks to over 75000 links stemming from spammy and shitty websites.

Having had my website blocked on social media, having lost my Facebook page, and Instagram account (I hadn’t claimed it back yet at the time), seeing the tiresome work I had ahead of me to fix everything and with the extra miles I had to go through to try and monetize the website, I decided it was time to hang up the gloves.

It was not hacked, nor shutdown, nor anything for any reason whatsoever. I decided to cease operations. WTV is being said, is a lie and complete utter bullshit.

These people are spam experts and will stop at nothing to try and monetize off my brand or create bullshit stories and lies about my brand. This definitely feels like the work of a competitor.

I have a lot of evidence of all the damage done against my brand and some people will find themselves behind justice and face me in a court of law. All in due time.

As of Hoodsite, I’ll keep you all posted shortly and in the meantime, anyone claiming to be the new Hoodsite website must not be trusted and may install malware on your device.

That being said, I am grateful for everything that happened, I have learned so much in the past few months and am looking forward to new beginnings.

What can I say, when you build a website worth millions and getting the amount of traffic that I was receiving, you become a target online. My eyes are wide open now.

And for the culprits/hackers, keep eating my crumbs. Low life morons with nothing better to do then to try and spam me. If they invested half the energy and time they did and still are trying to spam me on social media and online, maybe they would actually amount to shit and have a good decent website.

I’ll keep you all posted shortly.