15-year-old girl walking in her neighborhood with friends tackled to the ground by Winston-Salem police for not showing ID

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C. — A 15-year-old girl walking in her neighborhood with her friends was tackled to the ground by police, reports say.

A Winston-Salem family is in shock after cell phone video shows how their teenage daughter was taken into police custody before being arrested.

Saturday at around 6:30pm, five teenagers were walking down Hartford Street in Winston-Salem when officers approached them, police said.

Winston-Salem police said they were investigating a report of several juveniles who were trying to break into a vacant house near where the teenagers were walking.

The confrontation between police and the teenagers unfolded in front of Peggie Dull’s house. Dull got her phone out and started recording.

“I stepped out and asked for the officers badge number. He looked at me and told me to step out of the investigation or I would be in handcuffs, too,” Dull said.

That officer can then be heard in the video asking for a specific teenager’s name. When she refused, he reached out for her and she put her hands up quickly and ran away.

The officer chased her, caught up to her and they both went to the ground.

But police said while detaining two teenagers, one juvenile resisted, and another assaulted an officer. All five juveniles were transported to the police department to be interviewed.

They were then released to their parents or guardians.

Police Chief Catrina Thompson said in a statement:

“It’s been brought to my attention and the Professional Standards Division is conducting the administrative investigation into this entire incident.”

“This is a group of Black teenagers walking through their own neighborhood being stopped by a group of white officers. Of course, they’re going to be scared. They just watched a friend of theirs get tackled and put in handcuffs.” said Dull.

“Do you not understand? After everything that’s happened this past summer with George Floyd and everything that’s come out, how can you not understand that they’re terrified?” she asked.

The case remains open and is being investigated internally by the Winston-Salem Police Department.