15-year-old girl gets beaten by group of teens and her Air Jordans stolen in Brooklyn

A group of teens beat up a 15-year-old girl and stole her Air Jordan sneakers during a robbery in Brooklyn.

The teenager was walking on Utica Avenue near Sterling Place in Crown Heights on Thursday at 4:10 p.m. when she was spotted by the dozen youths.

When she reached the corner, the gang lunged at her and punched and kicked her repeatedly, the video shows.

The clip begins with the victim already on the ground, one of the boys kicking her in the chest and face. A second later, more kids run across the street, and continue to beat her up, with one kid leaping onto her and then kicking her in the head.

The 20-second beatdown ends with one kid yanking the victim’s black and white Air Jordan 1s from her feet and leaving her limp on the ground. They also took her cellphone and debit card before running away in several directions, police said.

She was taken to NYC Health & Hospitals/Kings County to be treated for bruising and head trauma.