10-year-old boy falls from zip line attraction, lawsuit filed

TAMPA, FLORIDA – The family of a 10-year-old boy who fell from a zip line attraction called the “Sky Rider”, is suing Urban Air Adventure Park in Lakeland.

CCTV footage shows the boy was riding the “Sky Rider” on September 1st when suddenly, his harness gave way causing him to fall more than 20 feet, landing on a cement floor.

He was airlifted to a hospital and is still suffering from head and body injuries.

The lawsuit alleges that Urban Air employees didn’t strap the boy in properly and check his harness before the start of the ride.

“We believe that it was the employees who failed,” said Steven Capriati, an attorney handling the case.

“They failed to secure the harness. They failed to secure the harness to him. They failed to buckle his straps.”

The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services investigated the incident. The inspector did not find any problems with the equipment, concluding the incident was a result of “operator error.”