10-year-old boy dies after getting attacked by 6 dogs in Brazil

A 10-year-old boy died after getting attacked by six dogs in Brazil.

Luiz Fernando Teixeira de Santana went out with two friends to fly a kite in the southern district of São Paulo.

After the three of them jumped over a wall of wasteland, they were surprised by six dogs, which attacked the boys, and eventually killed one of them.

A man who tried to save the child was also bitten in the leg. He was transported to a nearby hospital where he received medical attention and a shot of tetanus. 

Before police arrived to the scene, residents tried to drive the dogs away by throwing sticks and stones in the their direction, but in vein.

When police finally arrived, they opened fire and gunned down two of the dogs to get the animals away from the child. A third dog was also injured.

The owner of the land where the attack occurred has yet to be identified and could be fined if negligence was to be confirmed.